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Inspired by our portfolio of hundreds of original designs, we explore the personal tastes of our clients. The idea is to amaze and surprise with each object. Labyrinthe, Iris and Astre were created in this way - and the same characteristics apply to Tentation, Pyramide, Panache, Fantomette, Miroir, Focus and all the others which follow.

A design can lead to a single object or to a complete set of jewellery.


A labyrinth is symbolic of a long and intricate pathway towards a ritual goal. For millennia, it has fascinated humankind because only one hidden pathway leads to the ultimate objective.
Have you found yours?


All the imaginable subtlety and expressions of a colour exist within the Iris. Fascinatingly, for each individual, the lines of the iris are considered to be unique
Like you …


The Sun is the star closest to the Earth, its radiant energy providing daylight and warming the land. And so it is essential to the development of life. Its sparkling presence surpasses all other stars.
Like you …

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