ZORASTE Joaillerie

ZORASTE Jewellery

The distinctive signature of exceptional individuality


Exceptional. We work with one of the finest Parisian workshops, long recognised for its outstanding craftsmanship. All of our objects are certified as being developed, made, set and polished in France. We have carefully selected a small number of gemstone experts for their reputation, knowledge, skills and outstanding gems.


The designs at the heart of Zoraste are unique, drawing their inspiration from many sources to provide highly creative new jewellery forms which are pleasing to the eye and stimulate personal interpretations.

We will guide you through the fascinating world of precious gems to arrive at your personal choice. We have outstanding examples of rare gems which are relatively unknown to most people, offering a spectacular range and variety of colours - the sparkling green clarity of Tsavorite, the fascinating pleochroism of Iolite, the vivacious brilliance of the extremely rare red Spinels, the neon blue of Paraiba and the tender pink of Morganite.


Each piece is created in the pure tradition and values of French “Haute Joaillerie”. We have brought a fresh touch, highly complementary to today’s lifestyle.


Our concept of “Inclusive Exclusivity” involves each client in the creation of unique interpretations of our original designs. It is also possible to acquire the complete exclusivity of a design.

To wear Zoraste jewellery is to wear a rare object - a celebration of the modern cosmopolitan woman.


Legendary themes and imaginary stories provide a sense of meaning and capture the feminine spirit:

  • Labyrinthe - emphasising her mystery, her elegance
  • Iris - celebrating her sophistication, her discretion
  • Astre - illuminating her charisma and strength of character.

A Diamond in a Star

Each piece of Zoraste Joaillerie is signed with a hallmark in the form of a star set with a small diamond. A discreet guarantee of value and character.

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